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Facebook Ads can be an effective source of new leads, sales and income for your small, medium or large business. The Facebook platform offers targeting capabilities unavailable in any other platform. Couple those with a highly engaged user base and you have a powerful community to engage with your message. As a Facebook Ad Agency, we’ve worked with companies in many industries, from healthcare to food to service. Many of our clients tell us that their cost of acquisition through this channel is much lower than other marketing efforts. Is it easy? No. That’s why we’ve spent hundreds of thousands of dollars refining, iterating and learning. We’ve identified what works and what doesn’t. Read below to see some of the services we offer.

Facebook Page Creation

Don’t have a Facebook page? We can help out with that and create a beautiful page that represents your brand well.

landing page creation

Landing Page Creation

We create custom landing pages for your campaigns to help increase conversation and sales.

creating Facebook page

Ad and Offer Creation

Working with you, we help to create a meaningful offer that will get noticed and get people through the door.

Ad Management and Reporting

Management and Reporting

After setting up the campaigns, we’ll keep an eye on the ads and report back on the progress.

Top 5 Mistakes with Facebook Advertising

1. Not creating a custom landing page for your campaigns

Sending paid traffic to your home page or other non-targeting landing page is one of the biggest mistakes we see on this platform. Sending the traffic to a page that aligns with the message and feel of the ad they clicked on increases conversation and lowers your cost of customer acquisition.

2. “Boosting” your posts

While Facebook has increased the targeting capabilities within the first-level Boost, there are more options available in the Power Editor. One of the advantages to Power Editor is having more characters available in your ad.

3. Not spending enough time on the image or video

There are some limitations with images used in ads. For example, you are not able (based on their Ad Guidelines) to promote a post if the image is more than 20% covered in text. The percentage is determined by their grid formula, which can be difficult to understand.

4. Not running A/B tests

The geeky side in us loves the data that is available when advertising (properly) through Facebook. This information allows for quick tests to see what works and what doesn’t. We once found a statistically-significant increase of 24% in ad interaction by adding a yellow star. Without testing and experimenting, we would never have found that out.

5. Not using Lookalike Audiences or re-targeting to those who have interacted with your business

Using lookalike audiences is one of the more advanced features in FB advertising. Using data you already have, you can target people who are similar. Retargeting (or remarketing) is the practice of showing ads to those who have interacted in some way with your site.

Our philosophy on Facebook Ads

If you’re in business, you most likely are interested in acquiring more customers. Facebook provides a powerful social media platform to narrowly target people who are likely to purchase from you, show them an ad that will entice them and lead them to a page built for conversion. Maybe we’re a little old school, but we believe the power in social media lies in it’s ability to bring in new business. Forget likes, shares and comments. When was the last time you looked in your bank account and saw Facebook likes? Does your mortgage company accept post shares as payment? We specialize in direct-response advertising and lead generation using the FB Ad platform. If you’re looking for new customers, give us a shout. We can help.

Not ready to commit to an ad campaign?

Have employees who can handle this? Limited budget?

Christopher regularly consults with businesses across the country. With his extensive experience in marketing (both traditional and digital), he has helped companies small and large to increase their sales and lower their cost of acquisition. His daily rate for an on-site 6 hour consultation in the Phoenix metro area is $1000 (1 hour phone follow-up included). Consulting gigs outside of Arizona (either virtual or travel) are taken on a case-by-case basis. This opportunity is perfect for companies that already have marketing staff and need training on Facebook ads or consultation on their overall marketing strategy. If your consulting needs are urgent, Christopher can usually schedule within 3 weeks.